Why Only High Quality TMT Bars Should Be Used In Construction?

Why Only High Quality TMT Bars Should Be Used In Construction?

In the past decade, India has seen an infrastructure boom. The governments are increasingly investing in massive public projects like airports, ports, highways, while the private real estate industry has also expanded a lot. There are residential and commercial projects being undertaken and completed in every town and city in India. To ensure that these buildings can remain strong over a long period, the developers need to use high-quality TMT bars from Tata Tiscon dealers and other reputed manufacturers.

High-quality TMT bars provide various benefits crucial for the construction process. Let us look at them in detail.

Reasons why you should use high-quality TMT bars in construction:

Thermal Resistant Property

High-quality TMT bars have strong thermal resistance that helps them withstand high temperatures. If a building uses high-quality TMT bars, it can withstand damage from fire accidents, outside heat, and high temperatures. As the temperature reaches a record high in the Indian subcontinent every summer, using high-quality TMT bars from Tata Tiscon dealers and other reputed manufacturers makes the building less damaged from any fire-related incident.

Elongation Factor

The elongation factor of high-quality TMT bars refers to their ability to endure stretching. A high elongation/strengthening factor will tell you about a bar’s capacity to deform before it starts cracking from the extra stress put on it. High-quality TMT bars from the Tata Tiscon dealers have a high elongation percentage property. It reduces the building getting damaged from extra load and stress. This property counters damage from the shock waves of earthquakes. As many parts of India are susceptible to seismic activity, high-quality TMT bars will shield the building structure from harm during this natural calamity. Check out the SAIL TMT bar price list before procuring earthquake-resistant bars from their dealers.


The ductile property of a TMT bar is determined by its grade. The four different grades available in India are Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, and Fe 600. The higher grade is known for its superior strength and ductile properties. It is why Fe 600 is used for the construction of major infrastructure projects like dams, bridges, factories, highways, etc. On the other hand, Fe 500 is considered the market standard for regular construction purposes like building homes. You should get a high-quality TMT bar from a suitable grade depending upon your construction requirements. You can explore the SAIL TMT bar prices as they manufacture all four grades of bars.

Bonding Strength

During construction, TMT bars are used to make the steel framework of the structure. Cement is then poured into this and on the setting, the final result is reinforced cement concrete (RCC). It is the crucial part as most pillars, beams and other structures in a building are made using this. To have stronger reinforced cement concrete, high-quality TMT bars with superior bonding strength must be used. It allows them to hold the cement particles effectively and ensure that the structure stands for a long time.

Corrosion and Rust Resistance

If you are looking to procure the best TMT bars in Jharkhand for your construction requirements, check if the bars have resistance properties against corrosion and rust. Being a tropical country, India receives a lot of rainfall, especially in the monsoon season. To prevent your building structure from absorbing too much moisture and developing rust in its internal structure, you should use those high-quality TMT bars that are rust-resistant. Having corrosion resistance properties is also a bonus as it provides protection to bars and prevents them from reacting to different chemicals in the environment or their surroundings.

Welding Capacity

During the manufacturing of the best TMT bars in Jharkhand, they develop a soft ferrite-pearlite core which makes them more weldable. It is why high-quality TMT bars are used by the construction crew for welding joints while still keeping the development structure unaltered.

These are the different features you will find in high-quality TMT bars which makes them better suited for construction purposes. You can check out the different manufacturers that sell these bars by visiting the leading TMT bar suppliers in your area. You should inspect the products carefully before procuring them for your construction work.