TMT steel bars are given preference over the TOR rebars Find out why

TMT steel bars are given preference over the TOR rebars: Find out why

In any building structure, a strong foundation requires reinforced cement concrete which supports the construction upon the area. To create a strong reinforced cement concrete foundation, high-quality rebars and cement are used. Previously, TOR rebars were used for this process, but now TMT bars manufactured using the latest cutting-edge technology are used for making reinforced cement concrete. Before you order any of the two bars from the nearest TMT bar distributor for your construction project, you should know more about their features. By learning these details, you will also know why professional TMT bars are preferred over TOR rebars.

Difference between TMT and TOR rebars:

Thermo Mechanically Treated or TMT bars are high-strength reinforcement bars that you will easily find at any TMT bar distributor. They have superior strength, corrosion resistance, and fire resistivity properties. They also have a high elongation factor and ductility, which make them suitable for construction in earthquake-prone areas.

TOR steel rebars are synonymous with Cold Twisted Deformed (CTD) steel bars. These types of bars were highly popular a few decades back, in the seventies to the nineties. During its time, the TOR steel bars had more tensile stress than any other viable building material. Also, its high elasticity value enabled the surface deformation created by the twisting steel after elongation to revert. But this type of steel bar was prone to corrosion and hence unsuitable for making long-lasting buildings.

If you ask any TMT bar distributor about the differences between these two, they will confirm that TMT bars have an advantage over TOR rebars because of their superior properties. This is the reason why TOR steel is less preferred for construction projects. Let us take a look at these features of the TMT bars.

Superior TMT bars features:

Tensile strength:

TMT bars have a higher value of yield strength when compared to TOR steel. For an applied load on the building structure, the construction crew has to use a lower amount of TMT bars. On the other hand, they will have to use twenty percent more TOR steel bars to achieve the same effect.

Elongation factor:

When compared to TOR steel, the leading TMT bar suppliers have bars with a hard outer layer and a soft inner core. These durable TMT bars have a high elongation factor which makes residential buildings stronger and more flexible. It protects them from the dangers of environmental disasters.


Although both TMT bars and TOR steel bars have good bendability properties, TMT bars possess a soft inner-core that grants them greater elasticity. Thus, the construction crew can bend them more easily to achieve various shapes suitable for construction requirements. The greater bendability of the best TMT bars available at TMT bar suppliers provides them an edge over TOR steel bars.


TMT bars are better at bonding with cement when compared to TOR steel rebars. It is possible because of the ribbed design on the entire outer surface of the TMT bars which gives them superior bonding strength. Combined with their superior strength, TMT bars are creating stronger and more durable buildings and are thus preferred over TOR bars for construction.

Seismic resistance:

Various parts of India feel regular seismic activity that can damage buildings. Thus, it is important to use steel bars that can counter the fatigue caused by earthquakes. TMT bars are intrinsically harder and stronger than TOR steel rebars. TOR steel shows softening behavior when subjected to earthquake shock waves. On the other hand, the soft ferrite-pearlite core of TMT bars provides high tensile strength to the buildings constructed in earthquake-prone areas. You should search for the leading TMT bar suppliers near me, and procure earthquake-resistant TMT bars from them.

Rust resistance:

Rust is the greatest enemy of any building structure. As it forms from the inside of the structure, it is often too late to repair the damage done to buildings from rusting. TOR steel bars corrode in the concrete as they have a high concentration of chloride ions in their material composition. On the other hand, TMT bars are highly rust and corrosion resistant due to their unique manufacturing process. This is the reason they are widely used for construction in humid environments. Just search for the term TMT bar suppliers near me online and you will get a list of the top ones in your region.

These above-mentioned properties make the TMT bars a superior choice for construction projects.  Being aware of these properties will help you find the right TMT bars for your project.

TMT bars can be used in various types of construction projects due to their superior properties while TOR steel bars face various limitations during application. In a vast country like India, the diverse geographic conditions make TMT bars the best option to invest in for construction purposes.