These 5 Qualities of TMT bars make them the best choice for construction

TMT bars

The TMT bars or, Thermo Mechanically Treated bars are quite high in demand when it comes to construction. Strength, durability are some of the key factors that determine the longevity and safety of any construction be it residential or, commercial. Due to the beneficial properties of the TMT bars, these immediately become the ideal choice for the builders. But what are these properties? Which qualities do these TMT bars possess that set them apart from the ordinary steel bars? Before approaching a TMT bar distributor you should learn about these qualities, here we have discussed 5 qualities of TMT bars which make them the ideal choice for construction.

5 Qualities of TMT bars you need to be aware of:

TMT bars are bendable:

One of the primary qualities which TMT bars must possess is bendability.  Due to the advanced manufacturing process that is used for the production of these bars, they are hard on the outside while having a soft inner core. The “quenching” procedure that enables these bars to develop this quality of bendability helps these bars to be pliable and hence fulfill the diverse construction requirements. The higher the bendability the better, it indicates that despite there being intense pressure the bars won’t develop cracks. Check for the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) certification to be sure that the TMT bars you are procuring from your TMT bar suppliers have this quality.

TMT bars have seismic resistance properties:

One of the biggest concerns of the builders is to make the construction strong enough to resist natural disasters like an earthquake. The TMT bars are known to be dependable in this regard because of the fact that they help in intensifying the tensile strength of the construction and thereby enabling it to withstand the effects of an earthquake. So, in the earthquake prone zones the TMT bars with seismic resistance properties help the constructions to absorb the shock better. Before you procure TMT bars for your project, you should talk to the TMT bar dealers to lean about this quality.

TMT bars come with fire resistance properties:

A building should be secure from all kinds of damages including the fire related ones. In order to ensure that in the event of a fire the construction stays strong, you need to procure TMT bars. Since the TMT bars come with thermal resistance property, they can withstand the heat to a great degree, the range could be 400-600 °C. Being fire-resistant these bars do ensure that the buildings remain unharmed even during a fire. This is a quality which undoubtedly makes the TMT bars an ideal choice for any construction project as it promises security. Look for reputed TMT bar suppliers who have quality TMT bars infused with this property.

TMT bars have weldability:

One more quality or, beneficial property that sets the bars apart from ordinary steel bars is the weldability.  For bars having the property of weldability is important so that they could be used for different welding works. Since the TMT bars come with a low carbon content they could be used for various welding works easily, the best part is that there is no requirement of a pre-treatment or, a post-treatment for welding purposes. For any kind of welding activity these bars are just perfect and the workers do not have any trouble working with them. Your TMT bar distributor can better guide you in this matter.

TMT bars have corrosion-resistance property:

The TMT bar qualities that we have been discussing so far have made it clear that the presence of these unique qualities make these bars the ideal choice for construction. However, the best TMT bars also come with the corrosion-resistance property which lends durability to a structure. Furthermore, if the TMT bars that you have procured from the reputed TMT bar dealers have this specific property then they will not develop cracks and will have high yield strength. During the monsoon season when there is incessant rain you certainly do not want the structure to absorb moisture which will eventually lead to rusting of the internal structure. The solution lies in using the corrosion-resistant TMT bars which would enable the structure to stay safe from any such damage.

The above mentioned 5 qualities do ensure that the TMT bars are absolutely perfect for the construction. These bars have the properties that make them unique and their usage ensures that the construction stays safe and strong for years to come. However, always get branded TMT bars from your TMT bar distributor and look for certifications before you buy them.