Testing Parameters That Help to Determine the Quality of TMT Bars

Testing Parameters That Help to Determine the Quality of TMT Bars

TMT bars are widely used in construction because of the superior properties they possess than that of the other ordinary bars in the market. There is a rising demand for TMT bars as the infrastructure industry is rapidly growing. Using these TMT bars ensures that the building structure is solid, durable, and long-lasting. Thus, selecting the best quality bar at the TMT bar distributor is crucial for any construction project. In order to ensure the quality of the TMT bars, there are various parameters on which several tests are conducted.

TMT Bar Quality Tests:

There are various tests that analyze the strength and elongation of TMT bars. They can be used to determine the quality of these bars. Let us discuss some of them in detail.

What is the TMT bar Tensile Test?

If you want to ensure that you get durable TMT bars from a TMT bar distributor, you have to check if they have undergone tensile testing. Various types of TMT bars are tested for consistency with the help of a Universal Testing Machine (UTM). The strength of bars is measured using a UTM only when the diameter of the bar is above 32 mm as per IS 1786. TMT rebars that have a capacity lower than 32 mm do not need a UTM to measure their strength. Here is the calculation used in tensile testing.

Determine the cross-section area of a TMT bar:

  • Weight of the bar of 500mm = X mm (b) Length of the bar (Area in mm2 = Weight / Length x 0.00785)
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength = Ultimate Tensile Load (N) / Cross Sectional Area (in mm2)

What is the TMT Bar Yield Stress Test?

If you want to check if the different types of TMT bars available at the TMT bar distributor can handle stress or deformity, you should ask for their yield stress results. In this yield testing, the bars are put under high stress that continues to elastically deform them until they reach the yield point. If the stress on the TMT bars is released before the yield point is reached, they will go back to their original shape. You can check out the SAIL TMT bar prices and that of other brands manufacturing high-quality bars that have passed the yield stress test.

In the yield stress test, the standard method is to project a line parallel to the initial elastic region starting at 0.002 strains. The 0.002 strain point is often referred to as the 0.2% offset strain point. Materials that undergo this test are classified as ductile (if they pass it) or as brittle (if they fail). The two categories are distinguished by comparing their respective stress-strain diagram.

What is TMT Bar Bend & re-bend Test?

This test checks the bending properties of high-quality TMT bars. Some points must be noted during the bend and re-bend test of TMT bars. They are:

  • The bending of TMT bars should be done gradually and slowly. There should be no vibrations produced while performing it.
  • There are minimum bend diameters that have been established for different TMT bar sizes.
  • TMT bars should not be bent using a pipe or a hammer.
  • TMT Bars should not have dirt/mud on them during the bend and re-bend test.

The bend test consists of bending a sample of TMT bar through plastic deformation by applying a load against a suitable mandrel until a specified angle (180 degree) of bend is reached during the test. On the other hand, the re-bend test is designed to measure the effect of strain aging on the steel of TMT bars. Check out the SAIL TMT bar prices or other suitable TMT bar prices in Ranchi whose products have passed this test.

What is TMT Bar Chemical Analysis Test?

The chemical analysis test of TMT bars is performed by inspecting the chemical composition in the spectrometer. It takes a few seconds during the test to give results in a printed form of the 26 elements present in the TMT bar. It is mainly used to find the percentages of elements like Carbon, Phosphorus, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, and Sulphur with the spectrometer. The quantity of these elements influences the properties of the TMT bars. A detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis is performed using an advanced instrument like a spectrometer. You can explore the TMT bar prices in Ranchi, and settle for those TMT bars that produce satisfactory results in the chemical analysis test.

It is important to focus on the quality of TMT bars while selecting them for your building projects. The parameters and tests discussed above will help you to identify the best quality TMT bars that can satisfy the construction requirements. You should check out the test results of various TMT bars before finalizing any.