Buy stirrups wire wholesale in Jharkhand

In construction, stirrups are used to hold the longitudinal TMT bars so that the beam or column framework remains strong. The stirrups also prevent the development of lateral stress and excess shearing on them. After the framework is built, cement is added to make reinforced cement concrete structures. Without sufficient stabilization from stirrups, these structures can easily deform and crumble.

  1. You can ask the stirrups wire wholesale dealers to show you different types of stirrups like rectangular, square, circular, triangular, and spiral shaped ones.
  2. Stirrups are made of steel rebars. The optimum diameter size of a stirrup should be 8mm or more.
  3. Apart from the stirrups shape, the spacing in between two stirrups also matters. The vertical stirrup spacing is 100mm c/c.
  4. Confirm with the lead engineer/architect regarding the spacing and type of stirrups needed for construction before procuring them.

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