Binding Wire

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Binding wire is used in construction projects for various tying applications. It is used for tying TMT bars together, the rebars at the joints, and also the stirrups with the steel beams. Binding wires ensure that the two components are tied to each other strongly and are immovable. They have ductile and flexible properties that make it easier for the construction crew to work with. The tensile strength of the wires helps in tying the joints and various components without tearing.

  1. Binding wires hold the steel framework together and prevent it from getting dislocated when making reinforced cement concrete blocks.
  2. Get premium products from the best manufacturing companies around Ranchi while procuring from your binding wire suppliers.
  3. Get binding wires of suitable sizes depending upon the diameter of the TMT bars.
  4. Binding wires should have corrosion resistance, tensile strength, and ductile properties.

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