It is important to learn about safe storage of TMT bars. Learn about it here

TMT bars

The TMT bars are definitely the most important material the construction industry prefers using. The TMT bars lend strength to a building and also due to its properties they protect the building and enhance its longevity. Due to the benefits these bars bring to the table, they remain the popular choice even though the price tags might be a bit higher than the regular bars. While procuring TMT bars stress must be given on quality and only the reputed TMT bar distributor should be approached. However, once you have procured the bars arrangements must be made for their safekeeping. The TMT bars should be stored carefully. Here are some rules that will help you store the TMT bars in a safe way.

Tips to store TMT bars in a safely:

Since the TMT bars are such an integral part of the construction, they need to be properly handled and stored. These bars undergo so many operations throughout the construction process; care must be taken while storing them in the warehouse. This following list of rules could come in handy.

Do not keep the TMT bars on the floor:

If you are planning on storing TMT bars then do not place them on the floor. In order to take advantage of the beneficial properties that TMT bars come with, you should store them by taking the right precautions.  When you place them on the floor there is a high chance of these bars coming into contact with water and even dust. Water can be damaging to the bars, and so would the dust, therefore one must take precautions here and ensure that these bars are not being placed directly on the ground. Even while unloading the bars care must be taken that they are not coming into contact with the water and dust. These bars should better be covered in sheets while they are being shipped and in the storage place too they should be covered. It is always better to ask the TaTa Tiscon dealers from whom you are procuring the bars regarding the best way to store these bars.

Take care of the temperature:

The temperature fluctuations could be bad for the TMT bars as well. So, after getting these bars from the TMT bar dealers, one should take the right precaution regarding the storage area temperature. The warehouse where these are being stored must be properly ventilated. Before you bring these bars in from a TMT bar distributor you should check whether the right temperature is being maintained in the warehouse. The distributor can guide you here by offering the right advice regarding the temperature control. Any fluctuation in the temperature outside of the warehouse might impact the bars as well. In order to prevent that you should take the right measures and thereby ensure that the bars are being safely stored.

The bars should be stored in a dry place:

After procuring your TMT bars from the TaTa Tiscon dealers you need to ensure that the place where you are going to store them is not damp. It is of utmost importance to store these bars in a dry place. Before bringing the bars in you should also check for any kind of water leaks. Do not store them in a storage unit that is close to some kind of water body, it will expose them to moisture. There might be water pipes passing through the storage unit or, might be placed nearby it, checking for leakages would help you ensure that the bars will not get exposed to water. Even though they may be covered by plastic sheets, keeping them away from the damp ground should always be a priority.

Avoid contact with any kind of corrosive materials:

For your construction you would need more than just TMT bars, and the other materials that you are purchasing will need to be stored safely too. But precautionary measures must be taken here to ensure that you are not storing everything in the same place. Storing corrosive substances such as different chemicals, paints near the bars would be harmful. So, do not store all of them in the same place. When you procure these materials from the TMT bar dealers, you would be advised regarding how to store these bars properly. Once unloading is done do not drag these bars to the storage unit and carry them in a systematic manner so as to prevent these bars from colliding with each other.


The above-mentioned rules should be followed as these would help in keeping the priceless TMT bars safe from any kind of damage. The TMT bar distributor should be approached for advice as well, as he would be able to offer more valuable pieces of advice regarding the proper storage of these bars.