Important facts you should know before purchasing any TMT bars

TMT bars

The TMT bars have certainly transformed the construction industry as these bars are synonymous with strength, durability. Be it handling a small residential project or, a big infrastructure construction project, the builders place their trust on using premium quality TMT bars. To ensure the longevity of the construction you should procure the top quality TMT bars from the best brands available out there. But there are many options to choose from, how do you know which brand would be right? Even if you know which brand to get you should still know which grade to get. To be precise you must be aware of the essential TMT bar related facts such as the TMT bar price in Ranchi that would help you access the right product from the right dealer.

TMT bar facts you must know about:

Go branded: 

The TMT bars or, the Thermo Mechanically Treated bars have unique properties which make them so advanced. There are many kinds of bars available including ordinary bars and these might be cheaper as well, however, these do not have the same properties as the high-quality bars hence one cannot expect the same level of efficiency from them. The leading TMT bar brands invest in enhancing their manufacturing process and produce only the best quality TMT bars infused with all desirable qualities. Brands like Electrosteel, Tata Tiscon are known for their quality products hence, buying from a reputed brand would ensure that you are investing in the best product. So, reach out to your dealer to buy the best TMT bar in Jharkhand.

TMT bar grades: 

Before procuring the TMT bars you must know that these TMT bars come with certain grades. These grades are as follows, Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, and Fe 600. Being aware of these grades is mandatory for you, as different grades are required for different projects. So, you have to be sure which grade would be ideal for your specific project and also be sure that the TMT bar dealers in your area has bars of varying grades. The Fe 415 TMT bars are ideal for the construction projects that are taking place on a small-scale. On the other hand, the Fe 600 TMT bars come with high tensile strength which is why these are absolutely ideal for the big construction projects such as bridges, towers etc. The Fe 500 TMT bars have high tensile strength as well and are ideal for construction projects of varying ranges. So, before procuring any kind of TMT bar you must be aware of these grades and should know which grade is right for your project, take help from the dealers as they would be able to guide you regarding the grades and informing you about the TMT bar price in Ranchi.


There is no need to stress the fact that the TMT bars must be of high-quality and you should also approach only a reputed dealer. However, how do you know that the bars that you are getting are high quality? You should look for certifications as these are the assurance of quality, the best TMT bar in Jharkhand will come with the right certifications. It would be a mistake to buy TMT bars from dealers without checking for certifications. While approaching a dealer or, distributor in your area, you must look for ISO certification which is a must for these bars. Also look for other certifications like OHSAS, BIS. If you are not sure, talk to the dealers to learn about these certifications and also what these different certifications denote. Making an informed decision will help you select the product ensuring that you are placing the safety of your project in safe hands.

TMT bar properties:

One of the crucial facts to learn about the TMT bars would be the properties. There are some essential properties that set the TMT bars apart from the regular bars. As you approach a dealer you should be aware of the properties so that you can select the best bars. So what are these properties?

  • The TMT bars must have strength and flexibility. These properties ensure that during any natural disaster the building will be able to withstand the shock better.
  • The corrosion-resistance property is a must in a TMT bar, as this very property prevents the bars from getting damaged by the moisture.
  • Thermal resistance property in the TMT bars also makes them ideal as this protects the building from the fire related damages.


The TMT bars from the top brands will have all of these properties and thereby ensuring that your building is staying protected and strong. While learning about the TMT bar price in Ranchi, also learn about these essentials TMT bar properties.

These important factors should be kept in mind before you approach TMT bar dealers. The TMT bars are an assurance of quality but these should be chosen carefully so as to ensure that you are investing in the right products and getting the best value for money. Do your research, learn about different brands and also check out the latest TMT bar price before you place an order.