Check Out These Factors Before Ordering From Any TMT Bar Dealers in Ranchi

Check Out These Factors Before Ordering From Any TMT Bar Dealers in Ranchi

The infrastructure sector plays a crucial role in determining the growth rate of a region. Thus, by using high-quality TMT bars, builders are not only increasing the standard of their constructions but are also contributing to the infrastructure development of that area. Before you check the TMT bar prices in Ranchi to procure some form suitable dealers, you need to consider various factors, right from the properties of the bars to the reputation of the TMT bar manufacturing brand. Let us discuss some of these points in detail here.

Learn About These Following Factors Before Procuring TMT Bars:

  • Are you using high-quality TMT bars?: During the construction of any building, pillars, columns, arches, and other supporting structures are required. These parts are known to distribute the weight of the building effectively. A normal cement block does not have the necessary strength required for this task. Thus, high-quality TMT bars are used to make a steel framework on which the cement is poured to make reinforced cement concrete that is more equipped to hold the weight of the building. When you are checking the TMT bar prices in Ranchi before placing your order, ensure that your supplier provides you with high-quality TMT bars that can fulfill this requirement.

  • Check out the grade of the TMT bars: In India, there are four main types of TMT bar grades available. These are Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, and Fe 600. While checking the TMT bar prices in Ranchi, you will find that Fe 500 is considered the market standard as it is the most used type of TMT bar, especially for constructing residential houses. The features of these different grades are.
    i. Fe 415 TMT bars: It is the most cost-effective and ductile reinforcement bar available in the market. TMT bar dealers provide this type of bar mainly for small-scale construction projects. They are known for their high ductility which makes it easier to bend them into the most complex shapes for small-load constructions.
    ii. Fe 500 TMT bars: As the market standard, Fe 500 is used across a wide variety of construction projects ranging from residential, commercial, and multi-storied buildings. They offer greater tensile strength than the Fe 415 and are more suitable to be used for the construction of larger building structures as they can handle the load in a better way.
    iii. Fe 550 TMT bars: Developers use Fe 550 grade bars from the TMT bar dealers when they need to construct large infrastructure projects. Fe 550 TMT bars are also preferred when doing construction work in the coastal, marine, and underground environments.
    iv. Fe 600 TMT bars: As the highest grade TMT bars available in the market, they are known for their high tensile strength which is helpful in the construction of massive infrastructure projects. These include expressways, metros, plants, towers, industrial zones, etc. They’re used extensively when large-scale projects need to have load-bearing, durability, and corrosion-resistance properties.

  • Certifications of the TMT bar manufacturer: As we have discussed earlier, in order to construct a durable and sturdy building the quality of the TMT bars being used is of paramount importance. You need to approach only the reputed manufacturers like the Tata Tiscon dealers in your area, as they would be able to provide you with premium quality products. These manufacturers have the necessary certifications that ensure a consistent quality regarding all of their TMT bars. Some of the necessary certifications are BIS, ISO, OHSAS, Thermex QST, etc. Check if the TMT bar brand from which you are procuring the bars is certified with them.

  • Properties of the TMT bars: Depending upon the material composition and grade of the bar, it can have various types of properties. The following properties are considered crucial in every TMT bar to be used for construction purposes.
    i. Thermal resistance – Prevents the building’s structure from getting damaged by fires.
    ii. Corrosion and rust-resistance – Prevents the TMT bars from reacting to moisture and other natural elements. Makes it viable to be used for construction in humid areas.
    iii. Elongation factor: It allows bars from Tata Tiscon dealers to handle load, stress and also absorb shock waves. Thus, they can be used for construction in areas with seismic activities.
    iv. Strength: Higher strength allows the TMT bars to make the building structure more durable and long-lasting.
    v. Bendability: Having better bending properties makes it easier for the construction workers to shape the bar according to their requirements.

These are some of the factors that one needs to consider before procuring TMT bars for their construction projects. You can explore the various products offered by the TMT bar dealers in Ranchi before selecting the one that fulfills your construction requirements in the best way possible.