Check out these 4 differences between the various grades of TMT bars

TMT Bars

TMT bars are one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry. Many builders and developers use the best quality TMT bars because of their superior properties. It makes the building structure more long-lasting and resistant to environmental damage. Manufacturers in India provide four different grades of TMT bars, which are Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, and Fe 600. These grades can be found at the leading TMT bar dealers. Today we will discuss four parameters that can be used to differentiate between TMT bar grades.

Yield stress capacity

The numbers on the TMT bar grades show the level of stress required to deform it. From this, we can conclude that the higher the grade of the TMT bar, the stronger will be its strength and rigidity. The Fe 415 is the lowest grade and it can resist yield stress of up to 415 N/mm2.  Following it is the Fe 500, the standard grade that is most widely available on the market. This TMT bar grade can take up to 500 N/mm2 of yield stress. Fe 550 can be termed as the slightly stronger version of Fe 500. It has a yield stress capacity of 550 N/mm2. The best performing TMT bar is the Fe 600. It has a yield stress-bearing limit of 600 N/mm2 and can resist high load pressure. According to your construction requirement, you can procure the different grades of TMT bars from the top TMT bar dealers.

Elongation Factor

The elongation factor of a TMT bar plays a crucial role in its construction usage. This elongation property determines the ability of the TMT bar to resist shock waves from earthquakes. While the elongation factor is high in lower grade TMT bars, it reduces as the grade increases. Thus, the elongation factor of the TMT bars available at TMT bar dealers increases their flexibility. Fe 415 has the highest elongation percentage of 14.5%. Following this, Fe 500 has a 12% elongation factor. Fe 550 and Fe 600 have the lowest elongation percentage, which is 10%.

If you are looking for TMT bars that can be used for construction in earthquake-prone areas, there is also the ‘D’ (which stands for ductility) variants available at leading Tata Tiscon dealers. It includes Fe 415D, Fe 500D, and Fe 550D. These grades are manufactured specifically to be used in areas with high seismic activity. They have a higher elongation factor than their regular counterparts while having similar tensile strength. The best option to go for here is the Fe 500D or Fe 550D, as their strength-to-ductility ratio is more balanced.

Chemical composition

The different grades of TMT bars have slight changes in their material composition. The increase or decrease in various elements in their composition is what makes them have different properties from each other. Let us check the chemical composition of the different TMT bar grades available at Tata Tiscon dealers.

  • Fe 415: Carbon – 0.25 Max, Sulphur – 0.045 Max, Phosphorus – 0.045 Max, S+P – 0.085 Max
  • Fe 500: Carbon – 0.30 Max, Sulphur – 0.055 Max, Phosphorus – 0.055 Max, S+P – 0.105 Max
  • Fe 550: Carbon – 0.30 Max, Sulphur – 0.055 Max, Phosphorus – 0.050 Max, S+P – 0.100 Max
  • Fe 600: Carbon – 0.30 Max, Sulphur – 0.040 Max, Phosphorus – 0.040 Max, S+P – 0.075 Max

These are the composition of different elements in each TMT bar grade. The minute differences in quantities allow the TMT bars to develop different degrees of property. Apart from the ones listed here, other elements can also be added to make the TMT bars have better features. For example, nickel and chromium are added to develop corrosion resistance. You should check out the different grades of TMT saria prices in Jharkhand before procuring the TMT bar grade that you need.


Fe 600 bars are used in industrial buildings, while Fe 415 grade finds application in the construction of residential homes. On the other hand, Fe 500 and Fe 550 TMT bar grades have versatile usage as their properties lie in between the low and high graded bars. Thus, they are used in the construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, and underground structures. Check out the different grades of TMT saria prices in Jharkhand before placing an order for the grade that you need for construction.

These are the four key parameters that can be used to differentiate between the TMT bar grades. You can use them to sort more effectively while looking for a suitable grade of TMT bar that fulfills your construction requirement. Learn more about these products by visiting the leading TMT bar supplier in your area.